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Light up the night

The Tower of Fire is a unique blend ofstyle and radiance with the added benefit of providing a great source of "soft" radiant heatto any outdoor setting.

brilliant Ambiance

This amazing design adds a striking ambiance and will illuminate the nightas it becomes the centerpiece of any outdoor gathering.

Tower of Fire patio heater

kid 1

Dramatic display of glass enclosed flames.Great for any commercial or residential application.Stainless steel triangular tower that is as dramatic looking as it is beautiful.Provides a "soft" source of heat.Safe to the touch.

Tower of Fire patio heater

kid 2

Manual electronic ignition on/off and 3 different flame intensities.Great ambiance & light at any outdoor location.Available in propane and natural gas.CSA approved and U.S. patented.Wheels provided for easy transport.

Product spotlight CUSTOMER WALL!

Built Durable
The Tower of Fire

outdoor patio heater

is constructed of commercial-grade, stainless steel with anodized aluminum uprights; built to be durable and withstand the harsh outdoors elements of wind, rain, snow, and sleet.
Sunday January 22, 2012
Shatter-proof Glass tube
The Tower of Fire center flame is encased in a tempered glass tube. This tempered glass is shatter proof and water resistant; it can even withstand the stresses of hot and cold expansion and contraction.
Sunday January 22, 2012
Safe to the touch
The Tower of Fire is surrounded by a protective metal screen that is safe to the touch and comes with wheels for easy transport. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the unit hooks into a portable propane tank that hides conveniently into the undercarriage of the base.
Sunday January 22, 2012
brand your tower of fire
Standing over seven feet tall, the Tower of Fire makes an impressive presence in any outdoor event. Even more impressive will be your ability to brand your Tower of Fire Patio Heater with any custom color, design, or logo. Check out the designs of some of our customers!
Sunday January 22, 2012
Available in Commercial Grade Stainless Steel

.ThePremiere Patio Heater is available in hammered black, hammered green, hammered platinum, hammered bronze, and Stainless Steel. Features of the Premiere patio heater:

  • 43,000 BTU heat output
  • 20 Foot diameter of warmth
  • Heavy gauge construction.
  • Concealed wheels for easy moving.
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel.
  • Latched cabinet to hide gas supply.
  • Push button electronic ignition.
  • Propane or natural gas.
  • DIMS: 91" x (34" x 34" hood) x (21" x 21" base).
  • Propane tank cabinet measures 22" x 14" x 14" inside.
  • Propane tank sold separately.
  • Low BTU safety pilot control.
  • Safety tilt feature - CSA certified 80 Lbs.
  • Safe Operating Distance is 18" from the top and 24" from the side.
  • Backed by 29 years of customer support.

New: Ambient Island Tables

Dayva International, manufacturers of the Tower of Fire patio heater, has introduced the newest, most innovative breakthrough in the Flame Heater arena: the Ambient Island Table. Manufactured in the United States, this unique addition to the Tower of Fire outdoor patio heater brings function and purpose to the beautiful ambiance of the Tower of Fire.

The Ambient Island Tables are available in three standard colors that compliment the three most popular Tower of Fire units, and can be custom designed to fit your unique needs. Additionally, you have the ability to brand your Tower of Fire Heater and Ambient Island Table with the logo and company color scheme of your choice; not only will the branding add a dimension to enhance the look and ambiance of the unit, but also distinguish your company from the competition.


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